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Bluetooth telephone preparation

Bluetooth telephone preparation
BMW was the first car manufacturer to offer a wireless Bluetooth connection between a car and a mobile phone. Bluetooth telephone preparation is available across the whole BMW model range. It enables you to connect approved bluetooth mobile phones with your car without the need for a standard 'wire' connection. It allows hands-free operation of the mobile phone which is controlled via your vehicle controls.

Bluetooth telephone audio connection
To enable the use of the audio player built into specific bluetooth phones, BMW offers the optional Bluetooth telephone audio connection for all new BMW's. This allows you to use the mobile phone as a combined device for telephone calls and audio playback. This feature is only compatible with mobile phones where we offer a specially developed snap-in adaptor with a USB connection (please contact your local dealer for information). It also requires the car to be fitted with the optional USB audio interface.

Rear-seat telephone unit with cordless handset
Available as an option on the new BMW 7 Series is a rear-seat telephone with cordless handset. This provides the facility to make or receive calls in the rear of the vehicle by using the cordless handset itself. The Snap-in adaptor included with the option in the rear centre armrest connects the cordless handset to the exterior antenna of the vehicle.
To use the rear-seat telephone you can either directly insert your SIM card in the car, or you can pair the cordless handset to a compatible mobile phone via bluetooth. Click here to see the rear-seat telephone compatibility chart for bluetooth compatibility information.